Making Your Child Feel Safe

Most young children will often experience periods of fright that can really affect their attitude and personality. The most noticeable change when a child is frightened is they tend to cling on their parents more often, which can be tough for the parent to deal with.

It’s harder sending them off to school or be left with the baby sitter. Also, it’s not very good for the child to feel scared, because we don’t want our children to grow up scared, frightened, shy, or develop the personality of a “doormat,” which is much worse. The best solution to this problem is to make your child feel protected and to ease their worries. In today’s post, we’re going to show a simple way to do this.

Last year, we had our house broken into and the robber (or one of the robbers) went into my daughter’s room and stole her Nintendo Wii. When my daughter realized that a robber broke into her house and went into her room, it struck her with fear and the feeling of vulnerability. We tried to ease her heart, but even after two weeks, she was still feeling scared. One Sunday at church, we saw some guardian angels for sale and decided to buy one for my daughter. You can buy guardian angel gifts online for your son or daughter instead of having to go the store.

We brought it home to her and talked to her about guardian angels and how they protect us from evil. We told her if it wasn’t for her guardian angel protecting her the night of the robbery, she could have gotten hurt, but her guardian angel protected her. Then, we pulled her guardian angel out of the box and gave it to her so that she could keep it and hold on to it when she’s scared. We instantly saw an improvement in her attitude like day from night. Now we tell all our friends to get a guardian angel for their child online from Absolute Angels.

It’s been a month since we gave our daughter the guardian angel and she is doing better and we think she has forgot about the robbery for now. She is not afraid to go to school anymore and talk to her friends or teacher. We are very happy to see the improvement in her attitude and personality now. This Christmas, we’re going to be buying some more guardian angels from an Angel gifts shop to give to our friends’ children as presents from Santa.

Have any of you experienced a situation where your child was always in fear? How did you deal with it? How did he/she recover and how long did it take?