Can Children Benefit From Meditation?

In today’s fast paced world, it seems impossible to find time to just relax and be at peace. Every last minute of the day is used to its maximum, until everyone seems to exhaustedly fall into bed at number ninety nine, only to begin the rush again the next morning. The logical question to ask one’s self is: ‘Can children benefit from meditation?’

Between work, school, extra-murals, cooking, commuting and cleaning, (to name only a few of the tasks performed in a day) there isn’t much quiet time left in a day to reflect and feel inner peace. Even a child’s routine is stretched to its limits, with the amount of hobbies and activities that they manage to squeeze in between their school, homework or studying routines. All of this rushing and the constant state of stress can’t be very healthy for anyone.

Even less so, for a developing child, to whom this state of constant panic and tension has unfortunately become the norm. Often, since a parent’s life seems strained and pressed for time continuously, their children’s lives turn out no different. However, technology also plays a vital role in the ways children see the world, what with the instant gratification that the digital games teach them, and the quickly found answers on the internet, their expectations of how long things should take, are a little distorted and unrealistic in the real world.

A child’s reflex speeds are also increased with the digital technology they consume daily, along with their outlook of instant achievements and thought processes. Self reflection, quiet time, and savoring the simple and beautiful things in life, often get overlooked or forgotten. Luckily meditation teaches children to relax, find inner peace and allows the mind to be balanced.

It is a wonderful tool to learn as it calms the soul, allowing positivity, self-awareness and confidence to grow and expand. The benefits are endless, for the parents too, since it helps the child wind down before bed time, and calm the hyperactivity as a result of a hectic day. In this way, the relationship between the parent and their child is less aggressive and tense, since both parties are calmer and more open to compromise.

Another important advantage which, if mastered is the preparation of the mind before an exam or any other stressful situation which might present itself. It has the ability to enhance the clarity if the mind, whilst keeping the body relaxed too. If harnessed successfully, a child or young adult could use this state of being, to write their exam to their highest and purest potential. Stress and anxiety doesn’t factor into the equation, and no longer has the ability to limit one’s maximum focus.

Whilst growing up, a child is more likely to be inspired and open to practicing the art, if their parents are in favor of it, and practice it themselves. It could be used as a beneficial bonding experience, as well as a magnificent learning tool. Through all stages of their lives, the calming practice can help them through it, via clarity of thought and a realization that the problem is easily solved and that each difficulty brings with it a scope of learning, essential to daily life.

Some children may have an adverse reaction to changing hormones or purity. They feel they cannot understand or harness their emotions, and are confused by the entire situation. This often results in anxiety or even aggression. By taking a moment each day to reflex on how they feel, clear their mind and work through each emotion, this growing phase can become less of a mountain to climb.

When it comes to fears or anxieties, emotional balance often seems impossible to find. However, by taking time out for one’s perspective, and within the relaxed, quiet environment set aside for such a ritual, it is with great relief that all fears can calmly be analyzed and mostly overcome. A beautiful serene space in the home, set aside for this quiet time, encourages daily use to achieve maximum benefits. It should be clutter free, with open space and calming colors.

The mind is a really powerful tool, and by keeping the external stimuli to a minimum even just once a day, can help keep a person positive, inspired, creative and relaxed. These are important factors to make time for, especially in a lifestyle of constant rushing and deeply stressful situations. With equilibrium between the mind and body, the challenges and immense speed of everyday life can easily be dealt with, and the zest for life restored and savored.